About River Cohen

River Cohen is a man of many talents and passions. Gaining much success as the Founder and CEO of Datainsure, a financial technology company, River soon became known as a pioneer and expert in his field. His passion for innovative entrepreneurship may only be surpassed by his intense desire to make the world a better place.

His accolades with Datainsure in the more traditional business environment and the connections he made in the entrepreneurial space assisted River in creating his non-profit organization, River Cohen Giving, which he firmly believes will have the greatest lasting impact on society. As River puts it, “In-person interactions represent the most productive strategy for building lifelong entrepreneurial and philanthropic partnerships.”

Philanthropic giving is a lifestyle for River. “Giving anonymously—when we give ourselves to others so completely that our egos merge with theirs, and neither is conscious of being in a superior or inferior position — is a way of life,” says River. He has thoughtfully coined this theology: “planting seeds of loving kindness.”

River Cohen Giving focuses on a wide range of societal problems affecting populations across the globe with particular involvement in civil rights, economic empowerment, education, arts and culture, animal welfare, health, human rights, and environmental issues. Actively seeking out new people, communities, and places with the goal of experiencing different perspectives is a tactic River has attributed to the growth of his organization.

Education is of great interest to River as he understands how prohibitive the cost of higher education can be to a large portion of the population. River Cohen Giving frequently gives academic scholarships to students pursuing a degree, often with philanthropic components incorporated.

When asked about a defining trait that has shaped his accomplishments, River notes, “At no point in my career have I ever made a critical decision without considering the full breadth of its impact on not only myself, but also on everyone involved — however remote their involvement may be.” This methodology of integrated leadership is another reason River has not only achieved personal prosperity, but has been integral in the triumphs of his partners and staff.

“If you want to enjoy a rewarding professional career, simply adhere to socially conscious principles and make a commitment to consistently pursue goals most likely to benefit all of society.”

In addition to his two recent socially entrepreneurial endeavors, PCIHIPAA, a healthcare compliance firm, and Spiritual Gangster, a yoga-inspired retail company, River is actively involved with St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, Forest Preservation Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Feeding America, The Pollination Project, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.

Originally born in Mendocino, CA, River completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Management from Arizona State University in Tempe. Despite basing both of his companies in Scottsdale, AZ, River now resides with his wife, son, and daughter in the Bay Area where the family enjoys hiking, biking, and other activities that allow them to interact with nature. “Northern California is redolent with natural beauty,” says River. “It almost feels as though nature is quietly calling to you at all times.”